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The Libertarian Studies Organization (LSO) is a college student organization devoted to the study of libertarianism as a political philosophy. It is concerned with how freedom and liberty can be used to solve problems that exist in society today. It is a nonpartisan organization devoted to education and the assimilation of libertarian ideals and ideas.

Libertarian Studies Organization
Atten: John McAlister
620 Forestwood Drive
Columbus, OH 43230

614-475-0095 fax



The LSO was started as an idea in the Fall of 1999 by John McAlister, a Libertarian Party Activist, in Columbus, OH. A national advisory board was formed with Mr. McAlister, Dr. James Lark, Prof. of Engineering at University of Virginia, and Brian Gomez, a Radio & TV Producer in Cleveland, OH. The first chapter was started at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. http://www.osu.edu/students/lso/

Opening Minds To Freedom